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The Argentina Shale Water Management 2020 conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:

  • Making an economic assessment for shale water management strategies
  • Looking for low-cost and low-risk solutions in water treatment, recycling and reuse
  • Evaluating the options and making choices in treatment-for-reuse and water-disposal
  • New technologies and technical know-how in shale water management operations
  • Upcoming regulations and industry standards for produced water management
  • Operational case studies and developing a successful water management program

Argentina’s shale gas and tight oil production is set to join the ranks of the U.S and Canadian shale plays with its significant potential for exploiting unconventional reserves across the Neuquén and Golfo San Jorge basins, which is leading Argentina towards becoming a global shale oil and gas superpower. With this brings significant challenges for operators and the supply chain to find new ways of transporting shale water and frac sand efficiently and cost-effectively to shale wells across Argentina.

For shale water, the cost of water transfer, and the proximity of reservoirs to well sites located in the remote deserts will play a significant role in establishing whether shale operations across the three major plays can be economically viable. Furthermore, new operators will enter a sub-$50 oil price market, and so new initiatives towards the most efficient and cost-effective water management solutions will need to be explored in order to remain profitable in a low margin business. Operators will require optimal performance and low-cost water management strategies in line with the latest regulations and environmental considerations in order to ensure long-term operational security for a ‘low-to-stay’ oil price market.

Be a part of our multi-discipline agenda…

The Argentina Shale Water Management 2020 forum will be an opportunity for all professionals engaged in relevant disciplines to report on their accomplishments and to exchange views. The event will have a unique emphasis on networking and building new relationships, including generating dialogue in technical know-how and to find new solutions for a challenging market. There will also be an opportunity to integrate with allied industries and to demonstrate an insight into new shale water management initiatives for mutual benefit.

Presentations which focus on the latest results and experiences in shale water management, in particular, well-by-well case studies with new market data from past and current water-treatment and water-disposal projects are of particular interest for this conference, along with other relevant topics of timely interest.

Please consider participating in what is certain to be a highly productive experience with an opportunity to collaborate with leading industry experts from across the shale industry.

Call for Presentation
If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com with the subject heading “Call for Presentation – Argentina Shale Water 2020”.

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